University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

ARCHIVE: Cummins Field House Dedicated

September 7, 2012
Chris & Cindy Cummins
Chris & Cindy Cummins

Belton, Texas – The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor held a special ceremony dedicating the new Cummins Field House today. Following the ceremony visitors enjoyed guided tours of the facility.

The new field house is dedicated to accommodating the needs of the Crusader football program. It includes both varsity and junior varsity locker rooms, a training room, and storage and laundry facilities. The construction of the Cummins Field House also allowed for the expansion of meeting room and fitness facility spaces in the existing Andersen Field House.

The Cummins Field House was named in honor of Chris and Cindy Cummins of College Station, Texas. Both Chris and Cindy were present at the ceremony and cut the ribbon to mark the facility’s opening.

As a token of appreciation for their steadfast support of the Crusader football program, Head Coach Pete Fredenburg presented the Cummins with two Crusader jerseys bearing the numbers 20 and 12.  “When you wear these jerseys and sit next to each other at a football game, you will remind everyone around you of the year 2012, when this wonderful field house was dedicated,” Fredenburg said with a grin.